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Welcome to our Catholic Learning Community


Here at Mother Teresa Catholic School we strive:

  • To provide a quality education which integrates faith so that every aspect of the curriculum is taught in light of the Gospel.
  • To create a faith community which recognizes the interdependence of the members of the Mother Teresa Catholic School community – students, parents, teachers, support staff and priest – in imparting the beliefs and values of our Christian community.
  • To develop the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical talents of each student in an atmosphere of faith; to educate each child for lifelong learning. Individual talents, skills, and abilities are cultivated in such a manner as to instill a sense of personal responsibility to God and to society.
  • To enhance our community responsibility, to help those around us, especially those with special needs. By giving to those in need, we reflect the values of Jesus, our Saviour.

Like Mother Teresa, we have “Hearts to Love and Hands to Serve!”